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Hey I'm Granny Doris but you can call me Doris! I'm the older lady that every one thinks sits home all day bored and alone, but no one knows my wild side! I have a closet full of Secret Toys and believe me I know how to use them. I have been a Certified Freak since I was in my late teans but I am very good at keeping it quiet. I have a full family who thinks i haven't had sex since the early 80's when I got divoriced hehe boy are they wrong. I love to get young guys and bring them over by saying I need some work done. Then showing them what this Nasty granny is made of. I love making little guys squirt all over my face and then I like to cover there young cocks in cum while it's up in my nice old pussy. Hey sweety I have a pipe broken and don't know what to do can you fix it for me!!!!!

Granny Doris's Specialties:
Family Roleplay ~ MUCH Younger Men ~ Adult Babies ~ Being Grandmommy ~ No Limits ~ Much More!

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